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Server administration is a team of altruists, but unfortunately this does not solve such problems as server fees and other costs. If you like playing with us, if you want to make the server better and if you just have the opportunity to help, then you are at the address. All the money raised will go exclusively to the development of our game server. Namely: a fleet of machines, an upgrade of iron and, ideally, attracting people who can develop exclusive solutions for our project. All this money and considerable money. By making a donation, you have the right to choose any amount of game currency, the list of which is available in the next step.

If you make a donation, then you accept Operating conditions and Rules and Regulations

You can ask any questions related to the services of our site to our specialists.

[email protected]

Skype: maks8731918.

WCoinC is credited up to 2 hours after payment, in rare cases up to 24 hours